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The Great Basin Water Network (GBWN) protects the water resources of the Great Basin for current and future residents. Read our 40 questions and answers about the Las Vegas Water Grab Las Vegas Water Grab Rejected by Nevada Supreme Court Press Releases, GWBN Newsletters & Other Documents

In The News — Below are press stories about the ongoing drought in the west; press stories also cover the Southern Nevada Water Authority's "water grab" in Nevada and Utah; and other "mega" water projects that threaten the Great Basin. [Note: Stories open in new browser window]

Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River near Page, Ariz. Credit Education Images/UIG, via Getty Images May 24, 2017 —[BOOK REVIEW | NONFICTION] The Colorado River and Its Unnatural World — New York Times, By DAVID BIELLOMAY

May 21, 2017 — Op-Ed The ludicrous plan to pump Mojave water to L.A. — LA Times

May 20, 2017 — Water bill among 33 proposals now dead at Nevada Legislature — A total of 33 pieces of legislation were left behind at the close of business Friday evening — dead because they failed to win committee passage.All of those measures were approved by the house where they were introduced. Seven Assembly and 26 that originated in the Senate are dead. Among them is AB298, a controversial bill that would have made extensive changes to 150 years of Nevada water law, including redefining such things as perennial yield — the amount of water that can be removed from a basin without degrading the aquifer — Nevada Appeal

May 18, 2017 — Reckoning Ahead for Arizona as Water Imbalance Grows on Colorado River — IN ARIZONA, WATER scarcity is like the background hum of conversation in a popular restaurant: unrelenting. But even in this desert state, the ever-present strain on water supplies could soon be felt more acutely. As soon as 2019, the water level in Lake Mead on the Colorado River could drop below an elevation of 1,075 feet — newsdeeply.com

May 17, 2017 — Climate Change Be Damned: Army Corps Issues Decision Approving First Major New Dam And Diversion On The Colorado River In Decades — savethecolorado.org

May 17, 2017 — Thirsty Las Vegas pushes legislative water grab — After failing several times to win approval for a new groundwater depletion scheme via regulatory channels, the Southern Nevada Water Authority is now pursuing a legislative water grab that could devastate fragile desert ecosystems and push some endangered species even closer to extinction. Most recently, the Nevada Supreme Court rejected the Las Vegas bid for a new pipeline — summitcountyvoice

Rancher Dean Baker talks strategy with fellow Snake Valley residents at a 2009 meeting in advance of a hearing on plans to pipe groundwater to Las Vegas from across eastern Nevada. (Las Vegas Revi ...Rancher Dean Baker talks strategy with fellow Snake Valley residents at a 2009 meeting in advance of a hearing on plans to pipe groundwater to Las Vegas from across eastern Nevada. (Las Vegas Review-Journal) May 16, 2017 — Nevada rancher, water authority opponent Dean Baker dead at 77 — Dean Baker was a rancher, a pilot and a businessman, but most people knew him as a thorn in the side of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. The dogged opponent of the authority’s plans to siphon water from across eastern Nevada died Saturday at a St. George, Utah, hospital from complications from Alzheimer’s disease. He was 77. “He was driving around the ranch on dirt roads a week before he died,” said Baker’s oldest son, Dave. “It meant everything to him.” — Las Vegas Review Journal [Print PDF]

May 16, 2017 — Dean Baker: A water hero [OPINION - By Abby Johnson] — Nevada Appeal

May 16, 2017 —Nevada legislative bill to change water law stalls — A bill designed as a major rewriting of Nevada water law isn't ready, the legislation's authors and the chairwoman of the committee reviewing it said Tuesday. "I think it's safe to say we're not there yet," said Southern Nevada Water Authority lobbyist Andy Belanger at the end of a two-hour hearing that drew well over a dozen opponents. But he told Senate Natural Resources Chairperson Yvanna Cancela, D-Las Vegas, he believes many of their concerns can be fixed if she's willing to consider the measure this week. For her part, Cancela too indicated "298 may be too tainted" to win approval this session — Nevada Appeal [Print PDF]

May 16, 2017 — Hearing reignites Southern Nevada water import debate — CARSON CITY – Environmentalists, ranchers, farmers and rural residents lined up Tuesday to oppose a bill backed by the Southern Nevada Water Authority that they say would upend state law and make it easier for large water import projects — Las Vegas Review Journal

May 16, 2017 — Testimony of Howard Watts, Communications Specialist (GBWN) RE: Opposition to AB 298 — 2 page PDF

Michael Cohen of the Pacific Institute studies the Salton Sea and its implications for water management in the Colorado River system. (Photo Courtesy Michael Cohen) May 16, 2017 — How the Colorado River’s Future Depends on the Salton Sea — California’s giant desert lake is key to negotiations over the future of Colorado River water supplies. It’s a battle between millions of water users and a complex and troubled ecosystem. California’s largest lake, the Salton Sea, is an accident. It was created in 1905 when a levee broke on an irrigation canal, flooding a giant desert playa. Today it has become a sticking point in negotiations between three states over the future of the Colorado River — mercury.postlight.com

[Michael Cohen of the Pacific Institute studies the Salton Sea and its implications for water management in the Colorado River system

May 15, 2017 — Rural Residents, Conservationists to Oppose Water Bill at Tuesday Hearing — CARSON CITY, Nev. A coalition of Nevadans will be at the state legislature Tuesday afternoon to voice their opposition to proposed state water-law revisions that would make it easier to siphon groundwater away from rural Nevada, which could devastate local ecosystems and economies. Rural residents, ranchers, conservation groups and farmers will express their concerns during the hearing over portions of the proposed bill, known as A.B. 298, which have the potential to hurt existing water-rights holders and the environment. The proposed bill alters Nevada water law to more readily facilitate inter-basin groundwater-export projects, similar to those already proposed by the Southern Nevada Water Authority in eastern Nevada. Such projects have the potential to dry up springs and wetlands, and cause the water table to draw down. This would in turn have devastating effects on Nevada’s wildlife, endangered species and residents of rural eastern Nevada — biologicaldiversity.org [Press Coverage — RGJ.com] [More Coverage — RGJ.com]

May 15, 2017 — Calls to Rethink the Colorado River’s Iconic Dams Grow Louder — With two major reservoirs on the Colorado River, Lake Powell and Lake Mead, sitting half empty, will a new hydrologic reality be enough to push for big management changes? One conservation group hopes so — newsdeeply.com

Sean Holstege May 11, 2017 — Is Lake Mead Half Empty or Half Full? Predictions for Arizona's Water Future — Whether you view the lake as half full or half empty depends on your outlook. Objectively, of course, Lake Mead is definitely well beyond half empty. But we like people who challenge orthodoxy around here, so a new study about Arizona’s water woes caught our eye. Western Resource Advocates, a water conservation group based in Colorado, issued a sobering report last week about Arizona’s water shortage. “Arizona’s Water Future” concludes that it’s a tossup whether the state will have to begin water rationing next year — phoenixnewtimes.com

May 03, 2017 — War of words flares in Arizona over Lake Mead water — Officials in Arizona have reached an impasse on a multistate agreement aimed at storing more Colorado River water in Lake Mead, but Southern Nevada Water Authority chief John Entsminger said he is confident the deal will still get done — Las Vegas Review Journal [Print PDF]

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