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Fall 2018 — New GBWN Video Webpage

Thursday March 8, 2018 — Film Screening: Great Basin Water Is Life, 5:30 PM — Clark County Wetlands Park, Las Vegas, NV—— [Map]


Fall 2017 — A Big YEAR for GBWN, Giving Thanks

Wednesday, April 25: Great Basin Tribal Water Forum: Please join PLAN Action & the Great Basin Water Network as we learn about the dewatering of the Great Basin and what it means to our tribal relatives, and the role we can play in stopping it. When: Wednesday April 25:    Where: UNR, Joe Crowley Student Union CSU Theatre, 3rd Floor, Time:1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Questions? Contact 775-348-7557 or
Spring 2017 — Water Gab Newsletter — GBWN, 8 Pages PDF

June 16-17, 2017 — Tentative Schedule SNAKE VALLEY FESTIVAL

June 15–18, 2017 — Great Basin Water Tour 2017 — Gambling on the Water Table — The High-Stakes Implications of the Las Vegas Pipeline For Plants, Animals, Places and People — Support Document for the Water Tour

June 06, 2017 — Advocates Celebrate Protection of Nevada Water Law as Nevada Legislature Adjourns

January 2017— Now Available - 2017 Snake Valley Calendar

May 19, 2017 — Spring GBWN Water Gab Newsletter, 8 page PDF

May 16, 2017 — Nevada rancher, water authority opponent Dean Baker dead at 77

May 15, 2017 — GBWN Testimony by Howard Watts, Communications Specialist - Opposition to AB 298

May 11, 2017 — Great Basin Water Network Statement of Concerns with AB 298 - 1st Reprint

April 2017— HealthyWaters . . . Nevada is the driest state in the country. And yet, we're also home to

June 15–18, 2017 — Great Basin Water Tour

January 2017— Final Report: Nevada Legislative Commission’s Subcommittee to Study Water

Now Available —
2017 Snake Valley Calendar


November 2016 — Fall 2016, Water Gab Newsletter — GBWN, 8 Pages PDF

October 2016 — Photo Display: Great Basin National Park | A Day in the Life — One of the most special places in the United States, and a jewel of the National Park System, Great Basin National Park in Nevada has many superlatives: the oldest trees, most decorated caves, diverse wildlife, and the darkest night skies — from Kelly Carroll

October 03, 2016 — Interm Order On Pre-Hearing Scheduling — Office of State Engineer [PDF, 5 Pages] State Lawsuit

August 3, 2016 — GBWN White Paper submitted to the [Nevada] Legislative Commission's Subcommittee to Study Water — The papers is titled "Statutory Changes Proposed to Legislative Commission Sub-Committee to Study Water" — Prepared by: Advocates for Community and Environment, 11 Pages PDF

September 14, 2016 — Notice of Status Conference: Nevada State Engineer (Nevada Division of Water Resources). In the matter of applications 53987 through 53992, inclusive, and 54003 through 54021, inclusive filed to appropriate the underground waters of Spring Valley, Cave Valley, Delamar Valley and Dry lake Valley hydrographic basins (184, 180, 182 and 181), Lincoln county) — i.e., The Water Grab. [State lawsuit] — State of Nevada, State Water Engineer, 2 Pages PDF    [External Link]

August 2016 — Great Basin Water Network submits items for inclusion in Great Basin National Park’s time capsule — GBWN, 33 Pages PDF

June 2016 —
Plaintiffs White Pine County, et al.’s Reply in support of Motion for Summary Judgment and Memorandum in Opposition to Defendant Bureau of Land Management, et al. and Defendant-Intervenor Southern Nevada Water Authority Motions for Summary Judgment: Case [Fed lawsuit] — GBWN, 54 Pages PDF   [EXHIBIT A]

May 2016 — May 2016, Water Gab Newsletter — GBWN, 8 Pages PDF

May 2016 — Plaintiff Center for Biological Diversity’s reply in support of Motion for Summary Judgment; and in Opposition to Defendants’ and Intervenor’s Motions for Summary Judgment: Case 2:14-cv-00226-APG-VCF Document 111 Filed -- PDF 50 pages — Center For Biological Diversity [Fed lawsuit]

May 2016 — Public Meetings [June 15th & 17th] to Describe Final Project Results and Distribute Final Report for the Snake Valley, NV Water-Resources Study Completed by the USGS and UNR —— [Read the Report]

April 2016 — Great Basin Water Network Comments to Nevada Legislative Committee to Study Water

April 2016 — Presentations: Green Desalination for a Water-Secure Nevada [College of Southern Nevada]

April 2016 — Legal advocate fighting SNWA briefs county commission and water committee on progress

March 2016 — USGS Report: Limitations of perennial yield concept and principles of groundwater sustainability in Nevada [23 Page PDF]

February 2016 — 2016 Calendars Available — enjoy a stunning scene from Snake Valley

February 2016 — Defendants’ Motion [US BLM & SNWA] For Summary Judgment [Fed lawsuit]


December 2015 — GBWN needs your support to stand firm against the Water Grab [Donate now]

December 2015 — About the LAS VEGAS WATER GRAB [Published by: The Owens Valley Committee]

December 2015 — Order Extending Briefing Schedule, Fed lawsuit against ROD) approving SNWA’s Pipeline Project

December 2015 — Colorado River Basin Open Water Data Initiative (OWDI) [USGS & BR]

December 2015 — Evaluating connections, aquifers, springs, streams – Great Basin National Park [Fed. Report]

December 2015 — Nevada Drought Forum — Final Report

November 2015 — GBWN — Water Gab Newsletter [8 Page PDF]

November 2015 — Utah's Proposed Lake Powell Pipeline Project [New GBWN Webpage]

October 2015 — Federal EIS case — Plaintiffs et al.’s: Opening Summary Judgment Motions

September 2015 — $44 million water agreement between SNWA & Metropolitan Water District of Califorina

September 2015 — Nevada Supreme Court Decision Kobeh Valley Ranch - Eureka Nevada [17 Page PDF]

May 2015 — Las Vegas Water Grab Rejected by Nevada Supreme Court

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