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Nevada/Utah Interstate Groundwater Agreement

March 30, 2013 — GBWN Letter to Gary Herbert (Governor – Utah) and Brian Sandoval (Governor – Nevada): RE: Snake Valley Nevada-Utah Agreement
Dear Governors, Great Basin Water Network is comprised of organizations and individuals committed to careful assessment of water projects and their environmental, social and economic consequences. The Nevada-Utah Agreement is premature in that it would commit both states to a number of acre feet of water now known to be inaccurate.
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August 06, 2011 — Utah Tribal Leaders: Oppose Signing Utah-Nevada Agreement on the Snake Valley Groundwater Management System
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January 06, 2010— Salt Lake City Mayor and Millard Co. Commission letters opposing the NV-UT agreement
The letters have been combined in this source, but they were sent to UT Governor Herbert separately on Jan 6, 2010 and provided reasons the agreement should be rejected and requirements for accepting an agreement.
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Written comments by Millard County, Utah regarding the draft document entitled "AGREEMENT FOR MANAGEMENT OF THE SNAKE VALLEY GROUNDWATER SYSTEM" Comments by Millard County regarding the draft document entitled "AGREEMENT FOR MANAGEMENT OF THE SNAKE VALLEY GROUNDWATER SYSTEM," released to the public August 13, 2009.
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September 09, 2009 — Citizens Hearing: NV-UT Draft Groundwater Agreement
Public Comments on the Draft Agreement: Transcript of UAC-GBWN Citizens Hearing Held September 9, 2009
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September 23, 2009 — GBWN Comments on the NV/UT Snake Valley Shared Groundwater Agreement
The GBWN strongly supports the goals of the Draft NV/UT Shared Groundwater Agreement, the equitable division of groundwater in Snake, Hamlin, and Pleasant Valleys and the protection of existing water rights and the valleys' environment (sustainable use). However . . .
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