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April 04, 2019 — The problems with taking water from Eastern Nevada The Southern Nevada Water Authority wants to take billions of gallons of water that doesn’t exist from Eastern Nevada via a pipeline that would cost ratepayers $15 billion. Doing so would devastate wildlife and the people who live there. That’s according to Kyle Roerink, executive director of the Great Basin Water Network, which opposes the pipeline.

“Southern Nevada should [obtain water] legally,” Roerink said while filming Nevada Politics Today. “They shouldn’t steal water from Eastern Nevada and decimate the face of Eastern Nevada as we know it, along with a national park, national wildlife refuges, and the heritage of our ranching and farming culture” —

GBWN Video We call this outdated, $15.5 BILLION project the Water Grab. Here are the people and places in Nevada and Utah [i.e. the Western High Desert] that would be affected by SNWA's water importation scheme — GBWN

Baker Family Ranches Video — The Consequences...Transporting Snake Valley Water to Satisfy a Thirsty Las Vegas: An Eastern Nevada Rancher's Story is a virtual water tour of Snake Valley. Baker Family Ranches has produced the DVD to help people understand that there is not enough water in Snake Valley to justify the Southern — GBWN

May 2016 — High Country News — Video: Meet the Nevada rancher fighting to stay on his land [A Southern Nevada Water Authority transfer is intended to get water to Las Vegas but could dry up his business] —

Water needs and wants — How much water do communities in the arid western United States need to survive? It depends on what the public decides to do with the water. Fundamental ethical considerations, policy debates, and planning concerns must be addressed to adequately answer this question. As a society how do we ensure that our wants for water do not imperil the human and ecosystem need for water? — TED Talks

Undated Video —Gambling with water and the future in Las Vegas — By Terje Tvedt

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