Action Alert: Speak Up for the Future of Nevada

Letters & Email Needed Now—Do It in September!

Yes, it’s that time AGAIN now that the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) is out. Please, rally family, friends, and neighbors to email the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to tell them the Pipeline project is an economic and environmental disaster of vast proportion.

Let decision makers know: only the NO ACTION ALTERNATIVE is acceptable. BLM proposes to OK a pipeline that would drain rural Nevada at severe economic cost to Clark County ratepayers and ultimately Nevada taxpayers, and severe environmental cost to Nevada and Utah. We need to hold decision makers accountable for supporting this destructive boondoggle. NOW is the time to STOP THE WATER GRAB.

Please write, fax, or email the BLM using the information in the latest Great Basin Water Network Newsletter to request that the BLM select the NO ACTION alternative. Focus comments on the decisions being made, project costs and folly, the science in the EIS which documents the impending destruction of an area larger than Vermont, loss of public rangeland for livestock and wildlife. For rural Nevada, it is economic and environmental survival. For Clark County it is an economic injustice to burden ratepayers with a vastly more costly project tapping an uncertain water supply rather than support meaningful water conservation.

Send an email, fax or letter to the BLM or use one of the organizations sample letters at their websites below.  Or use our sample email, add your own words, and send directly to Secretary Salazar and NV BLM Director Leuders.

Nevada BLM Director Amy Lueders: nvgwprojects@blm.gov or fax 775/861-6689 or 1340 Financial Blvd. Reno 89502

Deadline for comments to the BLM is September 30, 2012. Check out the GBWN website frequently to stay up on the latest developments.