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GBWN Comment Letters

June 27, 2019 — [GBWN Comment Letter -- 3 Page PDF] As a stakeholder that would be affected by potential water right developments in the Lower White River Flow System, the Great Basin Water Network (GBWN) respectfully submits the following report pursuant to Part VI, Section 2 of State Engineer Order 1303 (Jan. 11, 2019). . .

June, 2019 — GBWN Comment Letter — State Engineer Order 1303 — 3 Page PDF

November 19, 2018 — Comment Letter by GBWN to Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary Federal Energy Regulatory Commission RE: P-12966: Utah's Lake Powell Pipeline application — GBWN [3 Page PDF]

November 2018 — Motion To Intervene Of Great Basin Water Network: Pursuant to Rules 212 and 214 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Federal Regulatory Commission, 18 C.F.R. 385.212 and 385.219 (2008), Great Basin Water Network hereby submits this motion to intervene in this proceeding [3 Page PDF]

May 15, 2017 — GBWN Testimony by Howard Watts, Communications Specialist - Opposition to AB 298

May 11, 2017 — Great Basin Water Network Statement of Concerns with AB 298 - 1st Reprint

August 3, 2016 — GBWN White Paper submitted to the [Nevada] Legislative Commission's Subcommittee to Study Water — The papers is titled "Statutory Changes Proposed to Legislative Commission Sub-Committee to Study Water" — Prepared by: Advocates for Community and Environment, 11 Pages PDF

August 2016 — Great Basin Water Network submits items for inclusion in Great Basin National Park’s time capsule — GBWN, 33 Pages PDF

April 2016 —
Great Basin Water Network Comments to Nevada Legislative Committee to Study Water

August 18, 2015 — Read GBWN's President Abby Johnson's formal statement to Governor Sandoval's Drought Commission [3 Page PDF]

April 22, 2016 —Great Basin Water Network Comments to Legislative Committee to Study Water [5 Page PDF]

July 17, 2015 — Comments of Great Basin Water Network at Nevada Drought Forum Meeting, July 17, 2015 [1 Page PDF]

August 30, 2014 — GBWN Comment Letter: Proposed Directive on Groundwater Resource Management for the US Forest Service.

June 28, 2007 — Letter from the State Engineer to White Pine County and others as per “Request To Participate in Implementation of State Engineer's Ruling No. 5726” [3 Page PDF]

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