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Current Initiatives

Make Your Voice Heard

Water officials from Cedar City, Utah want to siphon billions of gallons of water away from rural valleys to maintain unsustainable sprawl. You can stop the water grab by submitting your opinion today! 

Stopping The West Desert Water Grab

The USGS reported that the water grab’s impact would span 10,000 square miles across the desert, draining Pine and Wah Wah Valleys’ aquifers by more than 1,500 feet. The effects will encroach into Nevada and all the way to Salt Lake City. Once its pumped and piped to green lawns in Cedar City, it won’t be coming back.

Save the Swamp Cedars

The Great Basin is home to many indigenous communities. There is a place in the Great Basin known as Bahsahwahbee, “The Sacred Water Valley.” If water is taken from these sacred places, the ability for native communities to practice their religion and customs will be lost.  

The Colorado River Needs Your Help

Climate change, drought and increased metropolitan demand are diminishing the flows along the Colorado and its tributaries. If approved, the Lake Powell Pipeline could destroy the Colorado. 

Defeating the Vegas Pipeline

The coalition that became the Great Basin Water Network formed to protect the most precious resource in the Great Basin and Mojave Deserts: Water. Our members live and work in some of the driest, remote places in the United States. Yet life flourishes here.

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