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Why Las Vegas Is a Model for Saving Water
In Nevada, Bloomberg's Kal Penn investigates the lasting impacts of the Colorado River Compact, the 1922 agreement that doles out water rights to seven states. The system, over-optimistic from the start, is on the verge of collapse as water levels…
2023 could be ‘session of water bills’ in the Legislature
The legislation tackles developing issues across the state: Managing Humboldt River where groundwater pumping is connected to the flows of the river; How to share water in the Lower White River Flow System, a collection of groundwater basins outside of Las…
As the Utah Legislature Winds Down, Nevada’s Heats Up
State legislative sessions are topsy-turvy affairs. There are usually highs and lows –– or, in terms of water, deluge and drought. Spurts of legislative flashpoints interject periods of what may seem like calm. However, in legislative-water parlance, the year 2023…

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