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The High Life in the Colorado River Lowlands: New McMansions in the Floodplain?
  High-End Housing in the Lowlands of the Colorado River Floodplain There is a brand of schadenfreude in this country that usually comes at the expense of wealthy people who do really dumb things with their money.   As it relates to…
Australian Company, Backed by Chinese Investors, Moves to Mine Lithium on the Colorado River System
  Last Tuesday, weeks after submitting a formal protest, we attended a hearing on Blackstone Minerals’ filing for water rights in Green River, UT –– opposing the company’s application for groundwater rights near the banks of the largest tributary in…
Newsletter: Lithium on the Colorado, Great Basin Water Justice Summit and “Saved Water” in Utah.
Sign Our Petition: Foreign Companies Want to Cash In On the Lithium Rush with the Colorado River System   We show up for the water resources we vow to protect.   On Tuesday, weeks after submitting a formal protest, we attended…

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