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As Colorado River shrinks, pain of drought to spread
It is no secret the Colorado River is shrinking. The severe drought conditions are harmful to the entire river basin, but may be particularly harmful to small communities without the ability to store water for future need. Great Basin Water…
Zion Water Grab: Trouble in the Promised Land for Washington County
Donate   Washington County water officials are looking to the deepest, darkest depths of earth for new sources of water. But the problem remains: There isn’t water where they want it to be – no matter how much they want it.…
The West can still be saved with smart, pragmatic water management
"As an eternal optimist, I believe that Lakes Mead and Powell are still one-third full rather than two-thirds empty." Great Basin Water Network's Kyle Roerink explores some considerations up for debate as the Colorado River-dependent states begin working on a…

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