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Iron County Dangerously Experimenting With Regional Water Supply

The Central Iron County Regional Water Authority likes to pretend that its proposed pipeline and water grab scheme will have no effect on other communities. They better start thinking differently. A USGS report that simulated pumping scenarios of the project predicted that there would be harmful impacts on the water supply throughout a 10,000-sqaure-mile area.

The full build out of the project includes Pine Valley, Wah Wah Valley and Hamlin Valley. And the amount of water officials want to pump out of those regions does not exist underground. In fact, that water is shared by other counties in Western Utah and Eastern Nevada — moving from one basin to another. Once that water leaves, that means counties that currently rely on the water won’t be getting their share. 

Recently, GBWN presented to the Millard County Commission in order to raise awareness about the dangers of the project. Learn more by reading the news story in the Millard County Chronicle Progress.


Below is a map of the project from the Central Iron County Water Conservancy District.  The water would be transported from north to south from valleys in Beaver County, UT, to Cedar City. (Top left to right: Hamlin, Pine, Wah Wah)


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