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The Nevada-Utah Border Won’t Stop Water Wars

Recently, GBWN has been making hay of the difference between water management on both sides of the Nevada-Utah border. With the recent defeat of the Las Vegas pipeline, water managers in Nevada showed that big, expensive water grabs are not the solution for communities. Those outdated projects are too expensive for ratepayers and too costly for the environment. Unfortunately, Utah is doubling down on projects like the Vegas pipeline.

At a time when we know more than ever about the fate of the Colorado River, water officials in St George are looking to squeeze more water out of an already depleted river.

As groundwater resources in the Great Basin desert face more strain than ever before, water managers in Cedar City are looking to pump and pipe billions of gallons of water annually from the region.

The purported need for these projects is to feed urban sprawl. But that is a red herring. More conservation and better urban planning must be the foundation for urban growth in the decades to come.

If they’re not, rural and urban residents will be pay a steep price.

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